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The Big Ooph Off

I am happy to report that all went well with my surgery yesterday. They found no surprises in there but have sent all the removed pieces to be checked for cancer just as a safety precaution.

My stomach area is very sore but the pain is manageable, especially with all the drugs they have given me! I assumed I’d have an army of helpers as it’s school vacation week but Victoria went to a friend’s and Sarah brought back two friends for an ‘awake over’. They are all about each other thus paying less attention to me than she otherwise would’ve done! No worries though as Steve is being very helpful, along with the cats who are giving moral support (see picture below).

Thanks for sending love and healing energy as they produced for me great results including the same anesthesiologist that I had for my mastectomy, who I really liked. I guess my surgery ended at 10:00 but I was plum out of it until 12:30, getting in some extra zzzzz!

Amanda xxxx


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